About the Huddle

Established in 2012 “by corporate innovators for corporate innovators”, the Corporate Innovators Huddle (CIH) provides a forum to share information and best practices on the various aspects of innovation at large corporations.

Participation is designed for current practitioners of corporate innovation at large companies.  The Huddle is a loose affiliation of corporate innovators and corporate venture capitalists representing hundreds of companies from across geographies and sectors.  Participants’ roles range from corporate venture capital, internal venture, R&D, strategy and M&A.

The Corporate Innovators Huddle is a California-based non-profit with activities organized by members on a voluntary basis.  

The Huddle Working Groups

The Corporate Innovators Huddle serves as an umbrella organization.  It hosts the working groups of Huddle participants and it also hosts two half-day conferences a year, called “Corporate Innovation Unscripted”.

The Huddle Working Groups are:


The focus of the Corporate Innovators Huddle is on the how of corporate innovation as opposed to sector-specific analysis of the what of corporate innovation.  To date, discussion has tended to focus on trends in innovation finance, innovation approaches and innovation culture.